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Hard Core Soccer Program

Hard Core Soccer is a program of spinal & pelvic stability exercises combined with speed and agility   training which focus on improving spinal strength, balance and co-ordination. This will effectively reduce the risk of injury and improve soccer performance. The program achieves this by re-educating the brain on how to correctly elicit contractions of the pelvic floor, transverse abdominus, multifidus, gluteal and hamstring muscles in the appropriate sequence. Exercises progress from non-weightbearing positions to soccer specific activity such as passing, side stepping, running, jumping and kicking. The end result of correct posture control & muscle recruitment is improved speed, agility, kicking power and a stronger more stable core.

The program consists of a series of 8 weekly exercise sessions. If required, we also provide a Biomechanical analysis using Real Time Ultrasound or dual channel EMG. This will provide patients with specific biofeedback to assist the motor relearning process.  

Program Designer

The program is designed by APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist Efrem Bunguric. Efrem has extensive experience in Australian Soccer which began in 1988 as team Physio for Sydney United Soccer Club (NSL National League Runners Up 1988), holding this position for 4 successful seasons. He was also team Physio and Strength & Conditioner for Sydney Olympic Soccer Club in 1996, 2000 (NSL National League Champions) and 2001 (NSL National League Runners Up). He was team Physio and Strength & Conditioner for the Australian Socceroos in 2001 for the Oceania Tournament.

My philosophy is "Injuries and soccer performance can be directly affected by improving foundation lumbo-pelvic core strength. In my practice I see injuries such as low back pain, the sporting groin, hamstring and hip flexor muscle strains even the sporting hernia on a daily basis. What concerns me is that these chronic overload injuries are presenting in patients as young as 12 years of age. These conditions require intensive core strengthening as treatment. My plan is to get to the problem before it develops into a chronic condition that not only reduces optimal sports performance but can potentially end a players career. This program is designed to teach players how to adopt the ideal posture, how to run and kick with correct biomechanics and maintain this ideal posture during sport. You can't build tall buildings on weak foundations".

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