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Bounce Back Classes

Bounce Back is a program of spinal stability classes which focuses on improving spinal strength, balance and co-ordination with the aim of restoring you to your pre-injury status. The program achieves this by re-educating the brain on how to correctly elicit contractions of the pelvic floor, transverses abdominus, multifidus, gluteal and hamstring muscles in the appropriate sequence, progressing from non-weightbearing positions to functional activity such as squatting, bending and lunging. The end result of correct recruitment patterning is a stronger more stable core.

The program consists of a series of 8 weekly, one hour exercise classes with a maximum of 8 participants per class to ensure learning and supervision. They provide a positive progression from "hands on" therapy to return to function. If required, we also provide a Biomechanical analysis using Real Time Ultrasound with emphasis on assessing the strength of Transverse Abdominus, Multifidus, as well as other important deep core stabiliser muscles. We also use dual channel EMG if necessary to provide patients with specific biofeedback to assist the motor relearning process.

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Bounce Back Classes
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