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  1. I got my spinal decompression corrected by surgical procedure. I feel tired and find difficulty to bend forward or lift heavy objects. How can I overcome this condition?
  2. You are a candidate for rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation program strengthen your muscles, enables you to control pain, and provide you safe positions and motions like lifting, carrying, bending, and walking while at work.

  3. I suffer from chronic pain because of my occupation and pain relievers are not useful. My physician suggested no surgery is required. How can I get over this?
  4. Physiotherapy is may be an ideal solution for your condition. Pain medications can relieve your pain but are not ideal for prolonged use and they only offer symptomatic relief but do not solve the problem. Physiotherapist will educate on your sitting postures at work and will suggest you to perform flexibility exercises that will help you to restore the function of your injured body.

  5. I suffered shoulder injury while playing rugby and pain flares up when I go for play. My physician advised me physiotherapy. How does it benefit me?
  6. Yes, you are a sure candidate for physiotherapy. Physiotherapy helps in strengthening muscles and also to relieve pain. Your physiotherapist advises you analyzes you condition and works towards functioning of the weakened part of your shoulder with motion and flexibility exercises. Heat treatment and massage is also a part of physiotherapy that improves the blood flow to the injured areas and helps in healing process.

  7. I experienced a pull in neck region while picking my baggage. I experience severe neck pain which intensifies as I rotate my neck.  Pain medications are not helpful. Will physiotherapy be beneficial?
  8. Yes, physiotherapy may be beneficial and may relieve your pain. Your physiotherapist may suggest you stretching exercises of the neck, give heat treatment, or massages. Even acupuncture and dry needling methods can provide you relief. Physiotherapy treatment works effectively and causes no side effects.

  9. After the surgery for herniated disc, I feel uncomfortable in continuing my regular work. Will there be any benefit with occupational therapy?
  10.  Of course, occupational therapy or industrial rehabilitation may be helpful to you. The occupational therapy helps in assessing your work capability, restore normal functional activities, and help to return to work quick following an injury/surgical repair of an injury. Individual’s behavioral and vocational dysfunctions are made to undergo a process called as work hardening. This process determines flexibility, strength, coordination, and work-related functions of an individual. It helps in restoring joint movements, muscle strengths, aerobic capacity, blood circulation, ventilation, and respiration/gas exchange. Your physiotherapist may also recommend you the suitable job based on your capabilities.

  11. I had a sprain in my hand while playing basketball. I am on pain medications and rest for two weeks. Often pain recurs. How can I improve this condition to get back to sports?
  12. Rest is one of the immediate treatments for acute injuries to avoid further damage to the injured part. Rehabilitation helps to understand your body functions and restores them. It also educates the use of correct and appropriate sports devices to protect you from further damage.

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