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The work/industrial rehabilitation program helps in assessing the work capability of individuals, restore normal functional activities, and help to return to work...
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I have been working as a Physiotherapist in private practice...
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Dysfunctional muscular control of the core leads to spinal segmental instability and pelvic instability.
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Evidence Based Parctice

At your eb physiotherapy consultation you will be guided through a comprehensive injury history and evidence based physical examination in an attempt to provide an accurate provisional diagnosis as well as provide the most effective evidence based treatment option for your injury. Evidence based physiotherapy is physiotherapy informed by relevant, high quality clinical research. This implies that when we refer to evidence we mean high quality clinical research, patients' preferences and physiotherapist extensive practical knowledge. This is important for patients because it implies that within the limitations of current knowledge they will be offered the safest and most effective interventions. The expectation is that this will provide the best possible results of treatment or clinical outcomes.

Herbert et al 2005: Practical Evidence Based Physiotherapy

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